Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bringing Home Baby: New Mom medicine cabinet

Bringing Home Baby: New Mom medicine cabinet

Bringing Home Baby: New Mom medicine cabinet by work-it-mommy on Polyvore

I can't believe it's been a whole week(!) since I've brought home Brielana and I am so glad I had these products on hand (I actually had them pre-purchased and ready at home days in advance) during my recuperation; which got me to thinking, maybe other's would benefit from this list of tried-and-true lifesavers for after-delivery:

Tucks pads- Great for soothing sensitive areas and also a  good wet wipe.
Dermoplast- helps relieve soreness and irritation.
Lavette bottle- not only are these great for personal use before wiping with toilet paper is comfortable, but they come in handy when bathing baby, too!
***My hospital actually provided the first 3 items so they are a MUST!***
Colace stool softeners- Per my nurse's discharge directions, you can take 1 twice a day (day and night) for a total of 200 mg's until things are 'regular' again.
Aleve- Recommended by my nurse to help manage pain and reduce swelling.  I'm not big on taking meds so this was the strongest pain reliever I needed to take, but if you're wary of  NSAIDS, Tylenol works too.
Tena pads- Never heard of Tena pads?  Maybe because they are for incontinence!  I like them because they are longer than traditional pads without being bulky.
Toilet Paper- I'm wayyyy picky when it comes to toilet paper, I can't deal with the extra soft that just falls apart when you need it the most.  I like 365 Brand because it holds up, its eco-friendly and a good price point.


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winter and Summer: Comparing my two pregnancies

Well folks, she's here! I just completed my second pregnancy and I felt it worthwhile to document and compare/contrast:

 Baby Girl #1
Kinsey @ 18 weeks

Kinsey- Conceived in May 2010, born in February 2011
Significance of pregnancy- I had just had my left tube and ovary removed due to an enlarged cyst in late January and was overcome with worry I wouldn't be able to get pregnant.
Morning sickness- all day nausea without throwing up lasted the whole first trimester like to the day I was four months pregnant and then I was myself once again!
Migraines- I had 2 during the first trimester which brought on the only 2 cases of vomiting.
Cravings- nothing odd, but I couldn't stomach chicken, or anything with a strong odor. I ate lots of dairy- yogurt and cheese (I don't drink milk) which helped quell the nausea, fruit, and PB&J sandwiches.
Sleep- I took naps after breakfast (when I had mornings off from work) and then napped after I got off from work in the evening. I slept well at night.
Pregnancy symptoms- besides the morning sickness, I had a brief case of sciatica, heartburn from mid- way til delivery, a couple of leg cramps that still scare me to this day. Varicose veins on my left leg. A negra linea. It was the easiest pregnancy and I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Peek-a-boo bump- I wasn't showing until 6 months.

Maternity clothes- I lived in Gap maternity bootcut jeans and was able to wear non- maternity tops the whole pregnancy, but did have a few favorite maternity tops in the mix.
Navel ring- out by month 6.
Weight gained- 37 pounds
EDD- February 14, 2011
Actual Due Date- February 4, 2011
Labor- exactly 12 hours from 8:32 pm til 8:26 am. I got to 4 cm and had to get an epidural!
Baby Stats- weighed 7.12 oz, 19.5" long
Family of 3

Baby Girl #2
Brielana @ 19 weeks 

Brielana- conceived in October 2013, born in July 2014
Significance of pregnancy- I had a miscarriage in August of 2013.
Morning sickness- like with Kinsey, I didn't throw up, but I felt nauseous up until the beginning of my fifth month.
Migraines- I had 5 but 2 were "small scale" and I was able to work through them (literally at work). They spanned the first and second trimesters.
Cravings- fruit, yogurt, cheese, steak, chocolate.
Sleep- I have been getting up 3+ times a night since conception and it really throws off my sleep. I wake up with sore hips. And I woke up with a crazy case of thigh chaffing during a heat wave last month. When I get lucky, I can nap with Kinsey about 4 times a week.
Pregnancy symptoms- besides morning sickness, round ligament pain, sciatica pain, backaches, feelings of heaviness, violent acid reflux, varicose and spider veins, leg/feet swelling. I have not gotten the negra linea yet and my face hasn't gotten as round as it did with Kinsey. This pregnancy hasn't been awful, just really long (including my miscarriage, I've been pregnant spanning exactly a year) and I'm just ready to hold my baby already!
Hello bump- totally popped at 4 months.

Maternity clothes- jumped right into them at 4 months and pretty much wore maternity tops exclusively.  Still enjoyed my Gap bootcut maternity jeans BUT the full panel for a summer time baby is NOT a good idea; I was hot, like, all the time.
Navel ring- out at month 6 (and already back in :)
Weight gained- 31 pounds
EDD- July 6, 2014
Actual Due Date- 4th of July 2014
Labor- 4 (!!!) hours, labor began at 4 am and she was born at 8:13 am, enjoyed an epidural.
Baby Stats- weighed 7.12 oz, 19" long
Family of 4


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

She's Here!


Brielana Kennedy
Fourth of July 2014
8:13 a.m  7.12oz  19in


Monday, June 30, 2014

Month 9 (final!) Bump Update

38 weeks!
 How Far Along: 39 weeks:: Ninth month:: 3rd Trimester
Size of BabyBaby #2 is the size of a watermelon.  For comparisons sake: Kinsey weighed 7.12 at birth (at 38.4 weeks) I weighed 7.02 (in 1985) and Brian weighed 8.02 (in 1986).
Total Weight Gain: 31 pounds.  I lost 2 pounds since my last appointment, but I hear that's common when approaching the end.
Maternity Clothes: Now that I've started maternity leave, PJs all day, every day! :)
Gender: Another little Princess!  And I'm proud to report we finally have a name!
Movement: Like clockwork, Baby Girl gets hiccups at 10:30p every night.  Since she is low in my pelvic, her kicks have become painful!
Sleep: Thank goodness for naps!
What I Miss: Being able to jump up and do anything.  Not being able to chase Kinsey around or play certain games.
Cravings: Fruit all the way: grapefruit, berries, nectarines.
Symptoms: General uncomfortableness.
Highlight of the Month: Total Nesting syndrome but I'm feeling so accomplished!  I've cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed floors, washed windows, made almost all the freezer meals our freezer will allow, washed all the things baby will be using and ordered the last of the "stuff" to round out the registry.  Whew!
37 weeks
36 weeks


Thursday, June 26, 2014

38 weeks 4 days: Kinsey's Birth Story

This time 3.5 years ago I went into labor with Kinsey, so for nostalgia's sake, here is her Birth Story:

Thursday, February 3rd 2011 was a lazy day. I had been on Maternity leave for almost a week and the most productive thing I had done was have my car smog-ed the day before. I was bumming around at my mom's doing a whole lot of nothing until Brian got off from work in the evening. For some reason, I was determined to roll all my loose change into bundles and as I was sitting at the dining table I just couldn't quite get comfortable; but I chalked it up to not having a cushion between my bum and the hardwood bench, and life went on.

I made the drive home (all 20 minutes of it) shortly before Brian got off to heat up some burritos for dinner and relax on the couch to read some Reader's Digest magazines my FIL had just dropped off for me. Brian got home and we ate our burritos before the TV and then decide to turn in early, about 8p.

Well, as soon as my head hit the pillow and just as Sawyer was curling around my head for his cat nap, I get a crazy surge of adrenaline and pop back up and literally start pacing around our apartment (incidentally, that was also the last time Sawyer ever slept on my head like a hat). I felt anxious and lying down just didn't suit.
I started to have sporadic contractions at 8:32p and I tried using a massage pillow to soothe my back. It didn't help. Then after a bathroom trip, I noticed my mucus plug (a sight that can never be unseen) had come out and then I really became pleasant, har har. At this point I had probably woken up a couple of neighbors plus Brian and we began to get a hospital bag packed.

I called and left a message with my Doctor and then called the hospital.  The nurse on duty advised me to wait for my doctor to give me further instructions but in the meantime, to take a shower. Just as I stepped out of the shower, my Doctor called and he told me to get to the hospital and he would see me soon.

We checked into the hospital around 11p and I was maybe 2 cm dilated. Well, progression began to pick up and all I could do was lay in bed and roll with them. I spent a good amount of time keeping my eyes closed and feeling like waves of nausea were rolling over me as each set of contractions came and went. Luckily, every time I opened my eyes another hour had passed. It was pretty steady and painful and all my notions of a natural labor flew out the window by 4 cm. I was given something in my IV that was supposedly to help with pain management (Pitocin?) and it sucked! I am so thankful for the sweet older nurse who finally came in, patted my hand and said, "why suffer when you don't have to?" and gave me "permission" to get the epidural I desperately wanted but was too embarrassed to ask for (because, you know, it wasn't on my 'birth plan').

Sometime around 4 or 5 in the morning, Brian made the calls to our parents that baby girl was definitely on her way.  This gave him some time away from the room and me, I wasn't doing much talking and the nurses could tell he was getting anxious. I was feeling such extreme pressure I was getting the urge to push which I was told was "not good" and he was feeling helpless.

I vaguely remember my mom and brother sitting in the room for a little while but I must have scared them out. They ended up waiting with my In Laws out in the reception area.

In between my keening and moaning my Doctor arrived and broke my water and then sometime after that the Anesthesiologist came by with my wonder drug. Which, BTW, is the most awkwardly administered drug ever- how they expect a laboring, pregnant woman to stay perfectly still while sitting hunched over is baffling. But let me just say the relief of it was immediate and I went from a 10 to a 1 on the pain scale in under a minute.
 The next 30 minutes to an hour was spent joyously chatting with Brian and our parents and laughing with the nurses, I finally felt like myself again. And then I felt the need to push and everyone was hustled out.  I was instructed to grabbed my ankles and give a "test push" and Brian instantly teared up, "I just saw her head."  To which I replied, "Does she have hair?" because I am a little creeped out by bald babies, and he just nodded.
Well the next push and she was in my arms! Kinsey Olivia entered the world on Friday, February 4th at 8:26 am. She gave a good, strong cry clearing her lungs and then calmed down almost as fast as she came into my arms. Brian was pretty much forced to cut her umbilical cord which he was previously opposed to doing and then supervised her weighing (7.12 oz), measuring (19.5 in), and bathing as I was stitched up (only slight tearing and it didn't bother me a bit, thank you Lord.)

I looked like a hot mess, Brian looked and felt like one (he being awake for roughly 24 hours) but Kinsey was the star. She was petite, looked just like a doll with her 10 little strands of dark hair and red cheeks. She fit perfectly in my arms and on that day, I finally understood what unconditional love is: it feels like becoming a mommy.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Returning to Work: Pumping Essentials

Returning to Work: Pumping Essentials

Returning to Work: Pumping Essentials by work-it-mommy on Polyvore

I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with Brielana through her first year of life, but after I had Kinsey, I was back to work after 2 months and pumping became my breast friend (har har).  Since I am a firm believer in breast is best, I thought I would share my favorite pumping essentials to continue successful feeding even after returning to work.  It really just breaks down to logistics and good products that are readily available.

1.  Medela Pump in Style Advanced breast Pump with backpack- I got my pump from Kinsey's pediatrician and I love this model.  It is efficient, has several levels of suction for comfort, and is easy to tote around.  All the components (chargers, ice pack and case, four bottles, membranes, and two nipple shields) are included (though I did purchase larger shields for comfort's sake.)  
**I found it easiest for me to express into the bottles and then transfer the milk into the milk bags.**
2. Lansinoh milk bags- I have used several brands of milk bags and would recommend you use the brand you like.  I found these to be priced the best but would love to try these out.
3. Sharpie-  First thing I do is write the date of expression onto the milk bags.  Always use the oldest date first when giving to your baby.  Milk will last a few days in the fridge and up to 6 months in the freezer.  Periodically go through and throw out milk past due.
**I keep all my supplies- Sharpie, milk bags, extra membranes in a Ziplock bag stashed within the backpack.**
4. Medela Quick Clean Breastpump and Accessory wipes- For quick clean up at work I rinse out and dry the pumping bottles and then wipe down all parts (nipple shields, membranes, bottles) with these wipes.  Its quick and easy and makes clean up a breeze.
**These fit perfectly in the front half zip compartment of the backpack.**
5. Medela 5 count Quick Clean Micro-Steam Sterilization bags- Once I get home I pop all my pumping parts into a bag (each bag can be used 20 times, making it well worth the money!) add water and microwave for 3 minutes.  That's it.  It steam sterilizes and you're good to go for tomorrows pumping sessions.
6. The Nursing Mother's Companion- This book was recommended by my Lactation Consultant and I love it; it is extremely easy to read, choke-full of information about nursing and the index contains a bunch of addendum's from vitamins/ supplements, and how-tos on curing mastitis,  unblocking clogged milk ducts and increasing milk supply .
7. Lilypadz- Instead of soaking up leaks these breast pads prevent the leaks altogether.  Each pair can last continuously up to 2 months.
8. Hooter Hider's Nursing Covers- Not only is this nursing cover adorable (check out those ruffles!), it has a longer length and a just-in-case pocket.
**There is a convenient side pocket on the backpack that fits a rolled up nursing cover perfectly.**
9. Bravada Designs Allure Nursing Bra- A good nursing bra is a MUST HAVE and Bravada bras are my favorite.  I like this design because it has underwire for extra support.  And it's pretty as far as nursing bras go ;)

What are your favorite nursing products? If you have any questions or product recommendations, please feel free to share!


What Kinsey Wore: Stripes

It's no secret I adore Gap clothes (for myself and Kinsey) and I just about died when I got this striped tee on major sale during Easter weekend.  What broke my heart was the green skinnies I was wanting to pair with them were not available in her size.  Well, as luck would have it, my favorite children's consignment store had these green Calvin Klein skinnies and I was back in the game! 

{I just love when an outfit comes together!}

Shirt: GapKids
Skinny jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans, thrifted
Booties: Circo, hand me down
Headband: Old Navy