Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby Trends: Fall Florals

I can't get enough of the floral prints out right now for minis; soft muted colors and large scale make them romantic and very feminine. I got Brielana's adorable Osh Kosh set from Babies R Us and Kinsey's sweater from Old Navy. Here's a round up of my favorite Fall floral pieces. Be prepared to swoon :)
Baby Trends: Fall Florals

Friday, September 19, 2014

Crafting with Nature

Kinsey is an outdoors kind of gal.  Ever since she was a baby being in the fresh air always soothed her. And nothing gets her going like playing in the dirt and with water. So when she started collecting sticks and rocks and other found treasures on our daily doggy walks, I wasn't the least surprised. 

What gave me a giggle is when she told me she was building a stick house like the 3 little pigs (a favorite book at the moment) and wanted to know how to make the sticks stick together. Equipped with a glue stick she began her project. When the sticks wouldn't stay together upright in a 3D model, she asked why. And that got me to thinking about investing in floral foam.

Using natural materials in arts and crafts isn't new but it adds a wonderful element in creative play. Not to mention its free. And tactil-ly pleasing. It also enhances observational skills and fosters a love for the out doors.
We also like to paint natural objects. And green is the color of the moment because its "Grammas favorite color." (And us Californians haven't seen much natural- occurring greens lately. Sad face)

This is the same concept behind Story Stones and natural wood blocks. Lets start that love of nature early. Who knows, maybe she will grow up to be a Park Ranger or Conservationist? The future holds wonderful possibilities.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dinosaur Curriculum

Our Preschool for One started almost 2 weeks ago and we have chugged right along: 

We started with a hands- on activity and made a plaster model of a triceratops.
You can't beat $8 bucks. The painting was her favorite part. Mine was reusing the plastic molds to shape kinetic sand into dino bones.

We used magnet alphabet letters to practice spelling.

The trip to the Library was a big success. All the Dinosaur books, please.

The Herbivore/Carnivore categorizing game was received better than I had imagined. I set out 6 herbivore and 6 carnivore cards and had her look at the pictures for clues on the dinosaurs eating habits.  She noticed right away the carnivores had sharp teeth and the herbivores had "no teeth" in their pictures.  It was hilarious and awesome to watch her match up the food to the dinosaur.

These flash cards were from Target Dollar Spot at the beginning of summer. Such a steal.

Drawing and journaling about the Dinosaurs. 

I get a kick out of her calling the Triceratops "Trixie" and the Tyrannosaurus "Rex" after Toy Story characters. These dinos were given to us by friends but were old Target Dollar Spot purchases. #Targetneverfails

And our finale, you ask?  A science experiment: an erupting volcano :)

On to our next subject: Pirates. Inspired by Dora and friends: into the city.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Kinsey Wore: stripes and spots

 I'm crazy for stripes and am so pleased they never go out of style. Add in polka dots and I'm absolutely ga-ga.

Kinsey rocked this tee at the beach with rolled jeans on our last day of Family Bonding Time (We were blessed to have daddy home with us for 2 months) and also with leggings and "ruby slippers" for a more dressy vibe- note the polka dot bow!

I mean, seriously, you can't go wrong with stripes and spots.

Cherokee tee (similar)- Target
Leggings and jeans- Old Navy
Mary Janes (ruby slippers)- Target
Bow- gifted

Monday, September 8, 2014

Becoming a SAHM: Putting it into Practice Pt. 3

Part one of this series here.
Part two of this series here.

With the first week of being a SAHM under my belt(!) I wanted to keep myself accountable and share how things went.  The good, the bad and the ugly:

{The Good}

With Brian back at work, Kinsey has reverted to her sweet, mama- loving self, thank you God.  It was heartbreaking to have her be so anti- mom when daddy was home.  We miss him, don't get me wrong, but it does my heart good to have our special bond back in place.  And then there's reinstated nap time {Angel's singing} and I have to say that is the highlight of my day, and not because of what you're thinking; I get to cuddle in the smallest, coziest bed, with BOTH of my babies, reading story books and getting a nap in for myself!  This thought crossed my mind the other day and it is so true, "you will cherish this memory for the rest of your life."  I'm literally making memories about nap time.  Too awesome (napping is my love language lol.)

We have officially started Home Preschool this week too.  The theme: Dinosaurs.  I may be more into it right now than Kinsey is, but she is slowly warming up.  Making this triceratops model may have something to do with the increased enthusiasm (painting is her love language.)

Brielana is settling into a nice nap/wake/play/feed routine so that helps me with spending undivided quality time with Kinsey.  And when in need, I just strap her into the Bjorn and get business done. 

We also accomplished our first outing without daddy to take Brielana to her 2 month Doctor's appointment.  It went very well; Kinsey behaved, Brielana barely cried when she was injected, and there was only a little snag when Kinsey had to use the restroom.  The in- office one was out of order so we had to go down the hall to use the public restroom and I passed off the baby to the nurses at the front desk.  They kindly offered to hold her and I accepted.  (This may be filed under "The Bad" depending on who you ask haha.)

{The Bad}

As much as I know I do best when dressed and ready in the morning before Kinsey wakes up, it has only happened twice this week:  1) I'm spoiled and getting up at 6:30a just seems too early and 2) when Kinsey does get up before me, she comes and cuddles in the bed.  And this is too sweet.  But I do plan on remedying this little set- back.  Especially since Brielana is wonderful and only night nurses 2 times :)

{The Ugly}

Where I'm all for the exercise and family bonding it entails, walking Stella with the whole gang makes for a sweaty, red-faced me.  And bending down to pick up doggy doo while wearing Brielana just looks and feels awkward.  And really dirty.

But I can't complain, this week really has been a blessing.  Next week, I'm going to attempt a Library trip (Kinsey's first which I feel guilty/ embarrassed about) and a Mall outing to return some things to Gap.  Wish me luck!  And any tips on juggling 2 minis at the Mall would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Two Months


How old: 2 months
Weight:  11 pounds {up 4 pounds}
Length:  23 inches {up 4 inches}
Baby clothes: 0-3 months size
Diaper size: Size 1
Sleep: This girl can s-l-e-e-p!  Some nights we only have 2 feedings, but she definitely makes up for the lost feedings during the day.
Feeding: Every 2-3 hours.
Likes: Being sung to- favorite songs include "Patty- cake", her name song (I made it up using the tune of "Brother John") and the "Winnie-the-Pooh" theme song.  She watches her big sister intently.  She likes having her toes/feet played with and smiles when she gets raspberries blown on her tummy.
Dislikes: Wet diapers (who can blame her?) and not having mom around :)
Milestones:  She is beginning to grasp objects (namely my hair) and will stay on her Tummy for 3- 5 minutes without complaining. She is smiling!  Sweetest little gums ever!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

1+ 2 Month Favorites

1st and 2nd Month Favorites

1st and 2nd Month Favorites by work-it-mommy on Polyvore

I can't believe my little one is 2 months old already!  Here is a round up of our favorite products these last two months.

Gripe water- my babies are gassy babies and this helps reduce spit up and upset tummy (and I'm not a very patient or effective burper).

Spit clothes- see above. Saves my clothes the embarrassment of having cottage cheese gakked onto them.

Button pjs- with Kinsey i preferred the zippered ones but she also slept through middle of the night diaper changes and Brielana, not so much. The snaps are quieter.

Huggies diapers and wipes- our choice in diapering care.

Carlsens vitamin D liquid supplement- as recommended by our Pediatrician. 

Mini emory boards- makes filling little fingernails easy and a lot less scary than nail clippers.

Pacifier- helps make car rides less stressful.

Baby wearing- we start with the Moby and then transition to the Bjorn. Whatever works for you as baby wearing is a great bonding experience.

Boppy pillow- anything to make breastfeeding more comfortable is a plus. (I also like my Brestfriend pillows but I didnt think it necessary to buy another product.)  It also doubles as a nice prop up seat until she is big enough for the Bumbo.