Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter books for Preschoolers

Easter books for Preschoolers

Burlap home decor / The Golden Egg Book (Big Little Golden Book) / Max's Chocolate Chicken (Max and Ruby): Rosemary Wells: 9780140566727:... / Peter Rabbit Easter Egg Hunt: Beatrix Potter: 9780723263548:... / God Gave Us Easter / The Bunny Rabbit Show!: Sandra Boynton: 9780761180609: / The Easter Story / Happy Easter, Little Critter (Little Critter) (Look-Look): Mercer...

We can't celebrate around here unless some special books are involved.  Here is a roundup of our favorite Easter stories.  Some stories I grew up reading (Happy Easter, Little Critter, The Golden Egg Book and The Easter Egg) and some are picked by Kinsey (Max's Chocolate Chicken), but all are loved in our house.

Do you have any favorite Easter books?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where I'm at Wednesday: March Madness

March has come and gone faster than a blink of an eye!  Here's how I spent it:

I participated in a Spring Cheer Box Exchange hosted by Astleigh and Rachel.  It really helped usher in the new season.  You can read more about that here.  Because there's nothing like losing an hour of sleep and having to suffer through 2 children regulate their sleeping patterns to accommodate for the Time Change that really screams "Spring!" (harhar.)

My car is fixed!!!  Enter all the happy face emojis and memes!  We have been going somewhere every day just because we can.  What a novelty.  Thank you to the men in our families for all the hard work!
Going to Target!!!  Mama's back in business!

I got a haircut and our wonderful hairstylist wants to dye my hair for freeee (spoken like Adam Sandler in Bed Time Stories) and I'm actually contemplating it.  I haven't dyed my hair since high school, that was a decade ago.  I'm loving all the ombre styles and it's actually pretty maintenance free once the initial dye job is done.  That is something I can get behind.  Mama doesn't have time for upkeep ;)  And if you're so inclined, chime in on my Poll (upper right hand corner)!!!

I've been keeping the pace of reading about 3 books per month; If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery.  And I know these are the 3 most random book pairings ever, but I like to mix it up :)  

We're going to a Just Between Friends sale this weekend and am super excited to get some good deals. This will be my first time going, but a few friends have gone and raved about it.  What's not to like about cheap stuff, right? Some items on my To-Purchase list include:  a two-seater bike trailer, some 9 month clothes, 4T clothes, size 9.5-10 shoes, and books.  I'll let you know how it went!

And TMI Disclaimer:
Gahhhh, can I just say how lovely it was to not have a period since September of 2013?!  It hasn't been awful, just mild cramping and aches, but the hormonal rage is terrible.  And if you want angst, totally read what I learned this weekend to put some perspective on life, ha.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What Kinsey Wore: My Golden Girl

The perfect little girl outfit consists of a dress or tunic and leggings; easy, comfy and oh so darling.
Those lashes, sigh

The pockets, zipper and gold dots just make this dress sing.  And the little lady wearing them?  Well, she has my heart.

Dress: Carters, leggings: Old Navy, similar, Mary Janes: TOMS.

Monday, March 23, 2015

What I learned this Weekend

A lot has happened over the last three days that I feel compelled to share just to relieve some burden.  To say this weekend was a little stressful is putting it mildly.

If your mother so happens to own a glass kerosene lamp, this is for you.  If that said lamp happens to shatter on your hardwood floors, leaking kerosene A-L-L over the place, this is for you:
I never did see so many shards of glass dispersed in such a wide area.  Sweeping up and then vacuuming was a chore in itself, but dealing with the smell of the kerosene was the issue.  And then I Googled kerosene poisoning and almost died.  Of course I had all the symptoms and started to freak out.
Thank God for husbands who get off at 9:30pm and go back over the area with baking soda, a mixture of dawn soap and water and then vinegar to dissipate lingering odor.  Because just soaking up the oil with a paper towel and scrubbing the floor with a mop doesn't cut it (lesson learned).  

Also, sleeping on the floor in your 4 year old daughter's room isn't nearly as sweet as it seemed in the kerosene-induced stupor that was the rest of Friday night.  This is also why I hate camping, I'm too old to be sleeping on something so hard and uncomfortable.  And all while still night- nursing #MomLife.

Apparently when I get scared, I turn angry.  Anyone else?  When I watched said lamp fall down its reign of destruction I was in the middle of a diaper change and Kinsey was right in the line of fire.  She was unharmed but I still flew into a rage; I guess I can't handle being scared, but being angry is something I can deal with easier. I'm working out this heart matter with God because it's ugly and it's a real struggle. And then there's the matter of being called, " a rude and negative parent" that lingers with you.  I have since apologized and explained to her my emotional outburst and she took it well and seemed to understand, but ouch.  That is definitely a phrase I hope to never hear again.

Baking cookies is an instant mood booster.  I tried Astleigh's butter cookie recipe and it was heavenly.  And a much needed sugar rush to combat the heart palpitations and burning skin I was suffering from ;)

I am attached to material things.  The comforter we have had since getting married ripped big time and since I can't mend, we have replaced it.  The perfect comforter; one that has gone with us from newlyweds, to cat-parents (RIP Jasper, our first baby), to bringing home our first daughter, comforting me when we lost our second baby, to welcoming home Brielana; it was the perfect comforter.  Maybe it wasn't so much the blanket itself, but all the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) memories tied to its existence that I am sorry to see go.

Ohhh Taxes.  Finally got that done on Sunday.  Numbers make me really nervous.

So, it wasn't my finest weekend.  But I realized a lot about myself and that's getting somewhere, right?  "Self-actualization" and all that.  But to end on a positive note, I leave you with this:

When I was trying to be Fun Mom while finishing up laundry, I had one Happy Camper and one Grumpy Gus.  I'll leave it to you to decide which was which.

How was your weekend?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

{Welcome Spring!}

We're so glad you can stay awhile.

Darling coordinated outfits hand made by Aunt Cindy from Arkansas.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Cheer Box Exchange

I was ecstatic when I saw Astleigh post a Spring Cheer box exchange last month that I just had to be a part of it!

I sent Stacie of Amateur at Large a box, check her out if you want to see the goods :)

I received this box of awesomeness from Stephanie of Love U Tons and Bunches .  And she pretty much nailed all my likes; from the birds to the banner and everything in between, she totally got me.

Ever since we were dating, Brian and I called each other Love Birds, so the towels and tissue paper are too perfect!

1. kitchen towels
2. Hopscotch and Honey banner, perfection!
3. pink sprinkles
4. paper straws
5. notepads
6. Lemon Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer, best scent ever!
7. TJs mango gummies- I had never tried these before, but Kinsey and I had a feast haha

This sweetie even got Kinsey and Brielana their own gifts, talk about winning over a Mama's heart.  Hair clips and an Easter board book, again, too perfect!

Thank you Stephanie and Dan for the Box of Cheer!  It was a delight to open!  

And thank you Astleigh and Rachel for a super fun Exchange, I look forward to more in the future!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Little Things: Sisters

We were at the park last Thursday and these two just melted my heart.

Kinsey with her arm around Brielana. Sigh.

Kinsey is a wonderful big sister, always making sure Brielana is safe and calling her out if she's chewing on something she isnt supposed to (like the foam mats bleh). She gives her kisses and tickles her and insistes on greeting her first when she wakes up from her naps. It has been such a wonderful transition to watch unfold before my eyes. My first baby being the big sister.

And Brielana, she loves her big sister! She watches her with rapt attention and wants to do everything she does never mind the age restriction ;) The smiles!  The laughs!  All for big sister.
I always wanted a sister (but am blessed with a wonderful younger brother and he's a super sweet uncle) and envy those who have close relationships with their sisters. But a friend of mine, who has a sister and is raising 3 daughters under the age of 6, told me raising sisters was just as special as having a sister; and that I will take to the bank.

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