Thursday, April 16, 2015

10 Questions with Vanessa from X-tremely V


You know when you find a fellow blogger and realize you would be friends in "real life" if you actually met?  Well that's how I feel about Vanessa from X-tremely V!  Pretty sure we could do some damage in a Target together, if ever we got the chance ;)  Let's get to know Vanessa a little better:

1. What is your favorite thing about being a Mommy?
Reliving some of my favorite things as a kid through X's eyes.  Since he is only 3 years old we are just starting to get into the "fun things". He starts t-ball in a few weeks and I am sure I am more excited than he is!  I played softball for many, many years so I can't wait to see him out on the field!

I completely agree with you!  Seeing the world through my daughters' eyes is so much fun!

2. What do you wish you could get paid to do?  The sky's the limit!
While there is a lot of things I wish I could get paid to do, I think I would say I would like to be a personal trainer.  I love to workout!  What better way to stay in shape and make a living?

Would you be my trainer then?!

3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
I have never been outside of the US (other than Canada) so I think exploring Europe would be amazing!  I want to check out where my ancestors are from- England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany.  And of course I couldn't go to Europe without visiting France too!

I would love to tour Europe!

4. Best meal you've ever eaten?
I am a super picky eater, I think I have the palate of a 5 year old!  So many of you might think I am crazy, but some of my best meals come from chain restaurants.  But not to bore you with a steak from Outback, one of my all-time favorite meals was this Parmesan encrusted chicken I had at the restaurant at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.  We followed it up with creme brulee for dessert!  I was seriously in food heaven! 

5. A silly, irrational fear?
Any type of scary, horror, or suspenseful movie.  I can't even watch a few seconds of a commercial without being terrified the rest of the night!  And I almost always have nightmares.  Even the snake from the Harry Potter movies freaks me out and I have nightmares!

I don't watch scary movies either, I'm highly suggestible and nightmares are all too real when your'e in them.  Funny you mention Harry Potter, my daughter and I just watched the last one Pt.1 and she couldn't have cared less about the snake!  #fearless

6. What's your go-to outfit?
Jeans, tee, and a baseball hat.  I am a tomboy at heart.

I heart jeans+tees+sneakers!

7. Favorite book/ author?
I am not usually a book person (magazines on the other hand, watch out!), but I do own every one of Tori Spelling's books!  Love her!  And I have started quite the collection of the Duck Dynasty books.  They are so relate-able.

I'm always on the look out for the next good read, I'll have to remember these.

8. Are you a beach/lake/mountain girl?
I grew up in Ohio right on Lake Erie.  Since all the spots I went to the lake had a beach I think I am a combination of beach-and-lake girl.  Of course Myrtle Beach has my heart as well!

Now your'e speaking my language: beach all the way!

9. Do you prefer April showers or May flowers?
Can I say neither?  I am not a fan of rain or flowers.  I think I have always been a Summer/Fall/Winter girl.  Honestly if Ohio could get rid of Spring I would be totally ok with that.

Pretty sure I agree with you; California definitely needs the rain, but I think I only like the idea of flowers (allergies are no joke.)

10. Best piece of Mom advice?
Wow!  This one is tough, because I am no expert.  I guess the biggest thing I struggle with and would tell others is to let go of your expectations.  Your child is not going to be exactly like you or your spouse.  They are going to be themselves.  Once you accept that (again still working on it) things will be so much easier to deal with.

Yes to this!  You are a wise Mommy, Vanessa.

Thank you Vanessa for visiting today!  I had fun interviewing you and I still hold fast to the notion we would be buddies, if it were geographically possible!  Go visit X-tremely V today and say "hi" for me!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Little Things: 9 Months In/ 9 Months Out

I am in shock and awe that I have been home with this little nugget for 9 months!  She is such a wonderful addition to our family, she was always the One we were meant to have; there isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't somehow think about our Angel baby, but Brielana was hand chosen to be here with us and I am beyond thankful. 

I thought it would be fun to do a month-by-month comparison of bump-to-baby progression:  

Apparently I like stripes and belted sweaters when pregnant :)  And baby headbands!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why We heart Our Local Library

In celebration of National Library Week I complied a list of why we heart our local library (and why you should, too!)

FREE. It's completely FREE. All the books you could ever want to read. And then some. And in our network of libraries, if one branch doesn't have the book you're looking for they will have it sent over from a branch that does. Now that's service!

Responsibility. Children as young as newborns can own their own library cards. Talk about instilling responsibility!

Children's Story Time.  Every week the children are relegated with a story and craft that is age appropriate and fun.

Monthly Family Movie Night.  The selections of the movie varies but Maleficent was the last feature and before that was Despicable Me 2!  Maybe not current movies, but good ones nonetheless.

Bargain Books.  Sales are always on-going and you can't beat a .50 cent book!  Or swap-a-book paperbacks are available too.

Quiet.  Learning how to be quiet in the proper context is important for children to learn and having it modeled all around you in a library is about as appropriate as you can get.  (And sometimes it's nice just to be still and quiet, know what I mean?!  Mama's out there, can I get an "Amen"!)

Donate.  Have old books lying around that you don't want to read anymore?  Doing a bout of Spring Cleaning and wondering what to do with those old novels/magazines?  Donate them to the library!  They can always use a few good reads.

And my ultimate favorite thing about the Library- instilling a love for the written word.  Children these days have so many digital gadgets that the weight of a book in their hands is probably not a form of entertainment.  Flipping through pages is probably a far-out concept apart from a school text book.  Let's raise readers.  I know my Library has given me that opportunity and I want to pass that on to my daughters.  Will you join me?

Do you utilize your local Library?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lessons My Daughter Taught Me

This past month has been kinda hard at our house.  Between lack of sleep due to a teething baby and what seems to be a never ending power struggle with my 4 year old, I have been less than stellar.  And I have reverted to my "angry mom voice" more  often than not.  It hasn't been pretty.  But once I stepped back, took some deep breaths and consulted with God, things started improving.  Slow and steady.

These are the valuable lessons my daughter has taught me:

There is a fine line between talking to and talking at; I was doing the second.  It isn't respectful and it turns off the listener in 2 seconds flat.  Engaging her in my conversations and valuing her input works better.

I'm not a bad mom.  I'm the mom she was made specifically for.  And vice versa.  We were hand-crafted for each other.  We may know how to push each other's buttons, good or bad, but that is exactly as it should be.  God knows what he is doing and I have to trust that I'm good enough to carry out my motherly duty because He has already entrusted me.

Being on the same page with Brian about how to handle tantrums and misbehavior is paramount.  We tell her the consequences to her actions and they are always the same (a 4 minute time out.)  Knowing what the outcome will be for misbehaving has tempered the severity of her outbursts.

Our teaching style/ learning style needs tweaking.  She needs to move around and be active, she is essentially a kinesthetic learner.  I am not that way and there lies the disconnect.  So, not so much sit down activities, incorporate more movement games and outdoor time.

Trying to control her is not healthy.  Guiding and counseling are.  Modeling the proper behavior is beneficial.  Yelling and being annoyed is not.  I am choosing the happier path.  

These small tweaks coupled with a huge heart change (thanks be to God) has really eased my tension.  Kinsey woke up the other morning and said, "Listen to your mama"  with the biggest smile on her face.  We are making progress.  Slow and Steady.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Hair Did

Well, I did it. I got my hair done! It only took 10 years and 3.5 hours to do ;)

Inez did a fabulous job and I am so thankful for her generosity!

Also a big shout out to Brian for watching the girls. It was my first solo mama outing since Brielana's birth and it was so nice knowing all was well on the home front. 

On a side note, why do car selfies always turn out good?!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

9 Months

How old: 9 months
Weight: 15.10 pounds, (up 3 pounds.  Apparently I have grossly overestimated her weight gain, oops!)
Length: 27.1 inches (up 7. 13 inches) 
Baby clothes: 6-9, 9 months sizes
Diaper size: 2
Sleep: We have settled back into a nice nap routine, 11a and 3p for an hour to 90 minutes.  Night time has been weird, she's doing some baby sleep-sitting up and then flings herself on top of me or Brian.  I'm hoping once those top teeth break through (they are soooo close to the surface) our good little sleeper will return.
Feeding: She nurses maybe 3 times during the day and then night nurses about that much too.  Still loving her solid foods!  New foods this month include tuna, hot dog, Brussels sprouts, tilapia, grilled onion and avocado.
Likes: Eating!  Playing with Kinsey and Stella.  Chewing on her socks.  Playing in her bath tub.
Dislikes: Riding in the car at night, complete hysterics!  It's so sad but what can you do?
Milestones:  We have a crawler now!  Pulling herself up onto her feet all the time, trying to stand unsupported- will wobble for a second then plop back down on her bottom.  Clapping her hands.  Waving "bye".  Say's "mom mom" and "dada".

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Little Things: Frog Pond

Our neighborhood is situated in an oak grove and offers small spots of natural beauty. The Frog Pond is actually a State Preserve located on ---- miles of forested land with a pond in the middle. It is down the street from our house and once inside, you forget there's a highway at its entrance (albeit a small highway.) A complete walk through is a 3/4 mile loop.  

We leashed Stella, loaded up Backpack with snacks (Granola bar for Kinsey, teether wafer for Brielana, stale bagels for the ducks) and headed out.

It was a beautiful day and we had the trail to ourselves. We also got lucky because the ducks were actually there! Nestling in the reeds were a pair of Mallards. They immediately started pecking the bagel bits and Kinsey had a blast tossing them more.

I mean, what's a more perfect way to spend a Spring day?

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